Monday Nights, New Voices returns to NYC on May 20, 2013! The series will continue to play at The Duplex at 7pm on the final Monday of each month. Singers wishing to audition can email their mp3s or youtube clips to

The cast of Monday Nights, New Voices celebrates the second anniversary on December 4th. [click photo to enlarge]

The cast of 'Monday Nights, New Voices' celebrates it's third year anniversary on December 10th. [click photo to enlarge]

Scott Alan's popular "Monday Nights, New Voices" at the Duplex recently presented a thrilling evening of performers. Any one of the singers could hold his or her own with great pride. The show was quite a treat, with powerhouse, show-stopping performances ... In an evening that was all highlights left no doubt that today's musical theatre is in talented hands. Bravo all." - Backstage Review - John Hoglund - BISTRO Bits

"It's been a New York tradition for years to head down to the Village and pop into the Duplex to hear the newest songwriters, singers and comedians in town--- and with the addition of Monday Nights, New Voices the tradition can gratefully continue." - The Wild Party's Michael John LaChiusa (Special Guest Composer: January 2005)

"Is Monday Night New Voices magic? Well, let's see: One of my oldest friends was spotted by a top talent agency at a Monday Night New Voices event. Within a month, he was freelancing with them and going out (and getting called back!) for some great regional gigs - even a Broadway show! ...Sorcery? One of the singers the night I hosted joined the cast of AVENUE Q with me on Broadway..... Witchcraft?! Shortly after introducing a good friend to the Monday Night New Voices audience, she booked a long-running Off-Broadway hit musical. Then she had to leave that show because she got a new Broadway show ...Hocus Pocus! My conclusion: Monday Night New Voices will get you jobs....Magic Jobs!" - Avenue Q's Barrett Foa (Host: 2005)

"I REALLY had fun at Monday Nights,New Voices, and I got to hear some great singers I hadn't known before." - Pippin's Stephen Schwartz (Special Guest Composer: February 2005)

"Monday Nights, New Voices was a wonderful experience for me. It was great to get a chance to perform songs that I love to sing as well as meet and sing with one of my favorite composers, Michael John LaChiusa. It's was a good opportunity for me to meet some new performers and for the audience to be exposed to new talent." - Nine's Nikki Renee Daniels (Performer: January 2005)

"A comfortable atmosphere to showcase talent, where the audience is supportive and anxious and hungry for new people! I had a blast, hooting and hollering and yelling out stuff..." - Wicked's Shoshana Bean (Host: April 2005)

"Monday Nights, New Voices is a great new series... The All Shook Up cast had such a great time, and it was such a fantastic opportunity to highlight some lesser known talents and voices... and damn, those bitches can SANG!" - All Shook Up's Cheyenne Jackson (Host: July 2005)

"Scott Alan has put together an amazing thing: An opportunity for up-and-coming writers to pair up with fantastic new vocalists. Not only was I able to introduce my work to a new audience, but I also met some great singers and made new friends. I highly recommend Monday Nights, New Voices." - Dorian's Richard Gleaves (Special Guest Composer: May 2005)

"I felt honored to be a part of the "Monday Nights, New Voices". I befriended some kind, talented folks in the biz and got to watch some dynamite performances. It was really special to be introduced by a colleague. Lisa Brescia made me cry because of the beautiful words she chose to introduce me with. Having the support of a fellow performer is the most rewarding feeling of all."- Avenue Q's Becca Ayers (Performer: April 2005)

"Scott Alan organized an amazing variety of talented women on the night that I participated in his New Voices evening, and I was so proud to share a stage with them that night. He made participation quick and easy and put on a great night of music. AND it was nice performing to a packed house. May New Voices live on!" - Wicked's Kathy Deitch (Performer: January 2005)

" I had a great time at Monday night, New Voices. It was especially fun getting to hang with Barbara Anselmi. It's been years since she and I sat at the piano together. The whole evening was really well done. Congrats! I wish you the best of luck with the series." - All Shook Up's Stephen Oremus (Special Guest Performer: July 2005)

"It was such an amazing experience being a part of the new voices concert. Not only did I feel honored to be asked to sing, but to have gotten the opportunity to share it with my castmates and musical director and all who is involved with the process of this great evening truly meant so much for me. It's amazing to be new to the city and to be working with incredibly talented artist who truly belive in their craft and not only do i get to be apart of that on stage every night with my colleauges, but to see that outside of the show and to see the passion that they bring with them no matter what stage it's on was truly a unique experience that I feel so fortunate to be part of. To be in an intimate setting performing pieces that you love allows such a rare opportunity for an artist to share with the audience, to me it's what is so captivating about this concert series. I look forward to what future concerts will bring, it's been such a joy !!! - All Shook Up's Michael James Scott (Performer: July 2005)

"I was thrilled to be a part of the first Monday Nights New Voices back in January. Not only was I excited to be performing with my good friend, Scott, I was even more excited to be working with the talented women I was on the roster with. I am definitely trying to get more exposure in this business and I think that for most actors struggling to be heard and seen, something like "New Voices" provides a wonderful sense of community and support within the showcase to recognize new talent." - Lauren Thomas (Performer: January 2005)

"Doing "Monday Nights, New Voices" was an awe-inspiring experience... where else can you work with some of musical theatre legends and up-and-comers while crammed in a small hallway with one toilet... much like jail, only much better.- Nick Dalton (Performer: February 2005)

"Lovely evening at The Duplex. Talent dripping off the walls..." - Bright Lights, Big City's Paul Scott Goodman (Special Guest Composer: February 2005)