Acclaimed songwriter Scott Alan has worked with some of the biggest stars in the world from Grammy Award winners to Tony and Olivier Award winners.  In addition to his successful career as a writer, Mr. Alan has traveled the world for the past ten years working with students and professionals, teaching them the art form of voice therapy.

Now Mr. Alan is bringing his work to Florida to help both performers and non-performers to use music to connect therapeutically, tying in their emotional history to help release stress and the weight of the day to day.  

Voice therapy is for performers and non-performers.

Actors will learn how to use personal experiences to better understand their lyric, allowing them to internalize and externalize each word to get down to the core of the song.

Non-performers will use music and lyrics to release stress through song in a nonjudgmental environment as a way to better express themselves emotionally.  

This one hour session will be held in the private home of Mr. Alan’s in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Each session is $200 for the hour or five sessions for $800.

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For more information, email Kevin Carpenter at voicetherapy@scottalan.net.  

Skype sessions are available. 

First lesson only $75 for new students!

All the words in the English language couldn’t come close to articulating just how amazing my time with Scott was. Despite this, I will try. I had no idea what a lesson with Scott entailed nor what I would experience. All I knew was how much I love his work, admire him as an artist and person and how I felt so grateful to have the opportunity to work with him. In hindsight, I can no longer call it a lesson. It’s so, so much more than that- it changed my life forever in an incredible way. And that is NOT an understatement. I still, months later, can’t get over the breakthrough he guided and encouraged within me. I still feel the effects today and constantly remember that “lesson” which helps me continue on my journey as a singer, performer and even more so as a person. The only way to fully understand what he does, how he works and the tremendous impact and life changes he brings out in you is for you to, however you can make it happen, work with him in some capacity. If I have but one regret of moving to LA from the East Coast, it’s that now I’m on the coast farther away from working with Scott more frequently.
— Tiffany Mualem (Vocal Student)


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After working professionally on stage for almost 12 year followed by a little more then 3 years doubting my work, my creativity and my motivation for showbiz, I got the oppurtunity to start working with Mr. Alan. I can absolutley say that this has been a real game changer for me! My sessions with Mr. Alan have been truly transformative. Not only because of my love for music or that my work on stage is slowly returning after a 3 years creative downfall. But because every single sessions has pushed me one step closer to the singer and the performer I truly want to be. This is a big change for me. Hard and emotional but also rewarding and transformative both for me as a performer and as a person. Mr. Alans inside knowledge about the business is also essential for the impact it makes working with him. Every aspect of his coaching prepares you for real life challenges and is everything but the boring “classroom ordinary”. I am honored and truly blessed being able to work with Mr. Alan. The work with him is the foundation for the path my carrier is taking from here and into the future. THANK YOU SCOTT ALAN! FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!
— Jonas Hedqvist
I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Mr Scott Alan. He really helped me to find the meaning behind the words of the song and how I could relate to them on a personal level. His guidance pushed my performance to another level.
— Selena Qureshi (Vocal Student)
The masterclass itself went really well and I have had many students thank me for arranging Scott to come in. It has truly been a life changing experience for all involved and it has brought a new sense of ‘togetherness’ for all of us as a school. One observer described it as ‘the single most intense and most inspiring workshop I have ever been a part of’ and I would agree. I would advise people that if you think this will be your typical MT masterclass think again; if you are willing to have your boundaries pushed and challenged in terms of emotion and acting through song then go with this. As a teacher I have a newfound respect for my students.
— Rob Owen, Department Leader at The Arden School of Theatre, Manchester
We invited Scott to Murrieta/Temecula, Ca. for a Master Class in 2011. His class was well received by our area theater/drama students and their families. Scott was able to draw and nurture each students gifts, while keeping it fun. There were many of these kids that have gone on to major in theater in college. I think he has a genuine interest in helping as many young people he can to foster their love for music. I would recommend Scott Alan’s classes to any organization.
— Todd Galecki, Theater 101 Productions
I would most definitely recommend to anyone who ever gets the opportunity to work with Scott Alan to do so. Despite it being hard hitting you learn so much and by it being emotional, personal and I guess somewhat intrusive, it actually allows you to release. I have never experienced that or learnt so much in any other masterclasses ever. But be ready to be honest with yourself and to have to deal with pain. ‘Britishness’ certainly makes it harder in my opinion, we apologize too often and pussyfoot around the truth. Scott’s honest. Sometimes it’s harsh but it’s actually what people need to hear.
— Jade Marie
I had the pleasure of working with Scott in a masterclass given at CUA. Through his instruction, I was able to reach a new level of emotional depth with a song I had been singing for years. His coaching allowed me to bring my song to a more personal level, improving my ability to engage my own emotions and truly connect with the lyrics of the song. I’m grateful for the experience and his valuable advice.
— Kristin Cardinal (Master Class Student)
Scott is not just a passionate and inspiring artist, he’s also an incredibly gifted teacher. I had the opportunity to watch him work during his Australian tour, and I have to say his ability to draw the best out of performers is just so impressive. He is insightful and intelligent, working alongside performers to help them find the heart of a song and then express it to an audience. It’s encouraging to see an artist as skilled and talented as Scott Alan so willing to share his time, knowledge and experience for the betterment of other performers.
— Tim O'Connor, CEO of Harvest Rain Theatre Company, Australia